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Stories of the City

Chelsey’s Story

Chelsey has overcome significant mental health issues in her life, including suicide attempts and addiction.  From a life of darkness, where she was not able to hold down a job for more than a couple of months, she now shines bright. With the help of United Way funded partners, The Saint John Learning Exchange and Community Loan Fund, as well as other programs, Chelsey found job stability and joy in her life.

Jessica’s Story

Jessica’s daughter was sexually abused.  When they moved back to Jessica’s hometown of Saint John, they both got the help and support they needed through Family Plus Life Solutions, a United Way Funded Partner, to begin the healing process and to support her daughter to face her abuser in court.

Michael’s Story

As an elementary school student, Michael struggled with reading.  Through United Way funding, Michael was able to participate in an after-school tutoring program and Summer Slide program.  Michael’s confidence has grown, and his Grandma is super proud of his accomplishments.

Ahmed’s Story

Living in refugee camps in Somalia and Kenya from the age of 9, Ahmed immigrated to Canada with his family when he was 16.  Hear how Ahmed found new hope in a new country with the support and encouragement of United Way funded agencies.


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