change lives.

Songs of the City

Songs of the City is United Way’s thank you to our community and our donors. It is a special evening of local stories and songs about the impact of your donation, composed exclusively for our community. These inspiring narratives will tell the transformative stories of everyday people in our community whose lives have been changed because of your ongoing generosity as a United Way Donor.


Stephanie is a mother, wife and educator. Originally from Labrador City, she has lived in New Brunswick for the past 13 years. Stephanie has been a teacher since 1992 and is currently a Vice Principal in Anglophone South. Living in the Kennebecasis Valley with her husband, she spends her free time cooking, doing yoga, hiking with her husband and learning to trail run.


Jennifer lives in St Stephen and is a mother of three boys who attend Milltown Elementary School.  After experiencing many challenges throughout her life, Jennifer found sources of support that she never knew she needed.  With the help of the staff at Milltown Elementary and their Family Support Coordinator, Jennifer has accomplished many goals and is now on her way to becoming a Social Services Community Worker through NBCC.


Ben and Taeyo are both from Saint John and became “brothers for life” at the beginning of a pandemic in February 2020.  Having been matched by Big Brothers Big Sisters, they quickly became fast friends through online activities and conversations.  Their individual backgrounds created a perfect beginning to build a friendship and “brotherhood’ that has brought amazing gifts to both of their lives.


When Lorna reached out to the Saint John Learning Exchange, she finally found a place where people believed in her and taught her that she is worthy.  Through the SJLE and the Women’s Empowerment Network, Lorna has found her voice and no longer believes that she is only to be seen and not heard.  She has now found the love and acceptance that she was seeking her whole life, and it was closer than she realized.


Skylar is 14 years old and attends Saint John the Baptist/King Edward School in Saint John.  He began attending Sistema when he was 6 years old and quickly moved through the program to play violin with the Saint John Youth Orchestra, Sistema Chamber Orchestra, and at 11 years old became a member of the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra.  Having been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just before joining Sistema, the orchestral journey presented challenges, but with support and encouragement it did not stand in the way of his love for music.