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Beth’s story: from darkness to light

As a nurse working in a hospital, it was second nature for Beth to help others.

Then, one day, Beth realized she was the one that needed help. Realizing that her drinking had become a serious problem, she walked through the doors of the Sophia Recovery Centre to meet with a peer counsellor.

She’s been back to Sophia at different times when pressures at home or work have been intense. This past year, she has participated in several discussion groups online and in person.

And she’s now volunteering at the centre for half a day every week.

“I’ve recognized that the more time I spend at Sophia, the healthier I become. Sophia provides a recovery routine that I need,” Beth says. “Addiction and shame grow in the dark. Sometimes, I come in and I’m really a hot mess underneath my smile. Chatting to the other women here makes my smile authentic again.”