change lives.


Janis first met her Little Sister Kionna when she was 7 years old. Today, Janis reminisces about watching Kionna grow from a shy, quiet little girl who came out of her shell into a pre-teen, & now, a more confident young lady in high school. The pair still make it a point to see one another on a weekly basis, usually to go for drives & chat, or out to supper. They have shared so many memories & milestones together over the last seven & a half years, like Janis getting married, celebrating Kionna’s “survival of the first week of high school”, & most recently, Janis becoming a mom. They were thrilled to pass along to us that Kionna was “promoted from Little Sister to Big Sister”. Kionna is thrilled to share in this exciting new journey with her Big Sister Janis, helping with baby shopping & decorating the nursery. This match is truly a perfect example of how powerful a mentoring match can be. Their relationship is still going strong & we feel confident they will be true lifelong friends.