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Madsen’s story: ‘A literal lifesaver’

For Madsen, the Community Living Centre in St. George is a big part of her life. Four days a week, Madsen goes there to socialize, continue her education and learn life skills.

But with her disability, she is unable to drive and is entirely dependent on others to get her to a place that is so important to her.

Both her parents work full time and worried they would not be able to get her there through the week.

Thankfully, Charlotte Dial A Ride has been able to help the family, with volunteers making sure Madsen is able to get to the centre when she needs to.

“Our family would like to express our profound appreciation for the work you do,” they wrote to the St. Stephen-based transportation service, a United Way-funded partner. “The service at Charlotte Dial A Ride has been a literal lifesaver for us.”