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Martin’s story: Hiding his anxiety

From all outward appearances, you’d never know that Martin was struggling. Well-spoken and clean cut, he showed up at Outflow on the recommendation of a friend.

Martin, who grapples with anxiety and depression, was unemployed. His anxiety made it difficult for him to ask others for help. But as staff got to know him and what he needed, they realized he was paying full rent – a big financial hit for someone without a job.

Outflow is now helping him obtain a rent subsidy. In the meantime, Outflow covered the damage deposit on his apartment and offered an “Outflow subsidy” to help with his rent when needed. And they helped make sure he had food.

Staff are also working hard to forge a relationship with him so that he feels he has people – and a place – to turn to if he needs help.

Over time, they hope they can help him go back to work.

By helping with housing and food security, by helping with mental health and employment support, Outflow is helping to forge a better future for Martin and others. And it is all possible thanks to the generous support of United Way donors.