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Noah’s story: Catapulting to a new future

Noah had been working for several years in minimum wage jobs that were not the best fit for him and were not offering good financial security.

At 22 years old, he was seeking more for his future.

He had the chance to interview for a position with a new company, one that would suit him better, offer better pay and better opportunities for the future.

But he was short a few key requirements for the job. He needed a set of work boots and a few courses under his belt.

But his finances were stretched to the limit – he simply could not afford what he needed to qualify.

With the help of an outreach program for black youth offered by Black Lives Matter New Brunswick, Noah was able to get what he needed – and to succeed at winning the job!


Supported by United Way through the John Howard Society, the program empowered Noah to catapult from the minimum-wage job into one that pays more than $20 an hour and opens the door to other opportunities in the future.