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This is P.S.’s true story

I might look the same kid on the outside, but I’m different on the inside. You see, I was shy… painfully shy. Grown-ups called me “socially awkward”. I had a hard time making friends and getting good grades because I never, ever wanted to speak up. Then, I met the After School Coordinator at the Grand Manan Boys & Girls Club. She was strict, but nice too. There were other kids there just like me and one of our favourite things to do was just sit and talk to her. She was always interested in what we had to say. She cared if we were there, and missed us if we weren’t. One day last year, she encouraged me into run for office in the Kiwanis K-Kids Club, and I actually won! And guess what? I ran and won again for a second year, but this time, without any encouragement. She believed in me, and now I believe in myself too. I’m totally different on the inside and it feels great!

This is what BELIEVING IN YOURSELF looks like.

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