change lives.

A journey of understanding, and healing

Like Canadians from coast-to-coast, we’re profoundly shaken by the discoveries of mass graves at residential school sites.

At the United Way, we are committed to listening and to helping the Indigenous community heal. We look to follow their lead on how we can best support them, and forge a path forward together toward a better, more inclusive and compassionate society.

I attended the healing walk organized by the Eastern Circle and Hearts of Saint John earlier this month and it really inspired me to continue on my journey to learn more about the horrific treatment of Indigenous people. (Some valuable resources are available here.)

I know for many this has sparked personal introspection, and I would encourage others to join in this journey so that together we can move ahead to a more progressive and compassionate nation that values all people.


Alexya Heelis

Executive Director

United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte