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Our Team

Executive Director

Wendy MacDermott

Phone: (506) 658-1214


My name is Wendy MacDermott and I am the Executive Director. Early on in my career, I witnessed the power in aligning data/evidence with those who have passion. I became hooked on helping and my mantra is to bring people together to solve tough problems.

Adventurer. Book Enthusiast. Innovator.

Finance Manager

Sheila Comeau-Oldfield

Phone: (506) 658-1228


My name is Sheila Comeau and I have been the Accounting Manager for 27 years. While working here, I have been able to see the change United Way has made in our community over two decades, and I am proud to be part of the movement.

Mother. Grandmother. Motorcyclist.

Support Staff

Gina Carter

Phone: Main Office (506) 658-1212


My name is Gina Carter and I’m the Administrative Assistant at your local United Way. Every day, I am grateful to be working with a team that creates demonstrable impact in our community.

Cook. Mother. Holistic

Resource Development Manager

Alexya Heelis

Phone: (506) 658-1229


My name is Alexya Heelis and I am the Resource Development Manager. I have been at United Way for 6 years, and it’s my privilege to work day to day with some of the most generous/passionate donors, volunteers and companies.

Mom. Outdoor Enthusiast. Netflix Aficionado.