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Project Database

Our donors are frequently seeking opportunities to give back to the community beyond their financial contributions, and UWSJKC is dedicated to helping direct their energy towards the areas where you need it the most.

Day of Caring

Day of Caring is a volunteer activity between local community service organizations and workplaces. We will share your needs with our trusted workplace donors so that they can dedicate their time to helping you when you need it the most.

Please provide us with your project details so that we can better structure this program and keep your needs at the forefront. We will do our best to fulfill each request.


Special Initiatives

Special Initiatives are United Way SJKC projects designed to connect organizations with the items that they need.

Please tell us more about your needs using the form below (We cannot guarantee your special initiative will be met, however we will do our best to find a match) Examples are: clothing items for clients, supplies (school, office, fist aid, household, cleaning, etc.), food and pantry items, etc.


Board Member Matching

We want to help you fill your board member openings!

Fill out this form to tell us more about your needs so that we can advertise it on our portal (coming soon)