change lives.

The Million Dollar Pledge

Join a network of progressive, socially-conscious business leaders and create real impact in our community with the guidance of the United Way.

 This is similar to an investment pool in the private sector. The only difference is that our ROI is measured by impact being made to improve lives of real people in our local community. That’s a Return on Impact we can all get behind.


Ten partners each pledge $10K per year for 10 years for a total million dollar pledge.

 Pledge partners get together, and with the counsel of United Way’s investment advisors, decide how best to invest. Over time, partners monitor and manage their pledge portfolio for the greatest return on community impact.

How it Works

Million Dollar Pledge companies have:

​A marketing edge, able to position themselves as the better choice among consumers versus the competition.

A stronger workforce, by involving employees in how funds are raised and invested, you get:

A charitable giving investment plan, one which consolidates and maximizes both corporate and individual employee’s tax saving benefits.

​​Most of all, Million Dollar Pledge partners feel good knowing they are making a real difference in the lives of people right here at home, while networking with other business leaders who share common values.

Million Dollar Pledge can be Your Turn-Key Corporate Social Responsibility

Million Dollar Pledge Participants