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IF-ADAPT Foundation Grants

The new IF-ADAPT Foundation and United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte have joined forces to foster innovation and support organizations in enhancing the effectiveness of their services or programs, specifically tailored to meet the needs of communities or individuals. This collaboration aims to bring about tangible improvements in the delivery of these vital initiatives.

The IF-ADAPT Foundation receives funding from the Grebenc and Bourque families and its name carries deep meaning for its founders, reflecting their vision for the progress of the social sector in the future.

The term “IF” symbolizes the potential for transformative change that can yield measurable and positive outcomes. For instance, by implementing solution A to address problem B, these are the tangible results that could be achieved.

On the other hand, “ADAPT” represents the proactive action taken by motivated individuals who devise and execute a sustainable plan to bring the envisioned “IF” into reality.

The foundation aims to foster a culture of social entrepreneurship within charitable organizations, aiming to enhance the way they deliver their current services and future expansions. Various types of projects that could be pursued include, but are not restricted to:

 Funding requirements:

Additional Guidelines:

Applying for funding:

United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte has collaborated with IF-ADAPT to assist in identifying potential projects. To discuss your project idea, please reach out to Alexya Heelis at or call 506-658-1214. If your project idea is approved, you will be invited to submit a proposal to the IF-ADAPT Foundation.