change lives.

Impact Stories

Elizabeth’s story: Empowered to launch her own business

Elizabeth struggled to find clothes that fit her and were comfortable for her children with sensory processing challenges.

Terri’s story: finding freedom through outreach

Terri knew that a degree was a path to a better life. But they also needed to work full-time to both live and pay for school.

Amy’s story: Pregnant and alone

Amy was pregnant and alone, living in her car on the streets of Saint John.

Krystal’s story: turning her life around

When Krystal arrived in Saint John, she was on leave from her job, feeling deeply alone and emotionally wrung out. A recovering alcoholic, she had not had a drink for seven years. But she had not yet healed.

Jane’s story: From trauma to hope

After living the trauma of harassment and unfair treatment at her job, Jane decided to uproot herself and move to Saint John to build a new life.

Amy’s story: Fleeing with her family 

Amy grew up in an unhealthy and stressful home and did not want her children to experience the same, yet she found herself in a relationship where her partner was controlling and abusive – verbally, emotionally and financially.

Andrii’s story: From fear to joy

A newcomer to Canada from his native Ukraine, young Andrii was understandably bewildered when he started classes at Blacks Harbour School last fall. Faced with living a whole new life in a new land, he struggled to understand English and to speak it. He was reluctant to interact with classmates.

Melissa’s story: Gaining new confidence through education

Melissa did not have an easy life. As part of her journey, she struggled with her education and ended up dropping out of high school.

Khloe’s story: With Joy comes laughter

Young Khloe met her Big Sister Joy a year ago. It didn’t take long before they became fast friends – baking, playing Barbies together, picnicking and sharing dreams of the future. Laughter abounds.