change lives.

Impact Stories

Noah’s story: Catapulting to a new future

Noah had been working for several years in minimum wage jobs that were not the best fit for him and were not offering good financial security.   At 22 years old, he was seeking more for his future.

Alicia’s story: Reaching for the stars with a Big Sister

When Joe’s wife left and he was confronted with raising his daughter alone, he knew she would need a strong female role model. “I knew it would be a struggle to raise a daughter alone, I just didn’t realize how hard it would be,” Joe says. 

Nicole’s story: A new start, and a new business

Nicole Perreault-Dryland, a newcomer to Canada, had just settled into St. Stephen with her family when she enrolled in the Enterprising Women Accelerator.

Jessica’s story: escaping abuse to build a new future

Jessica always wanted to go to university or college to prepare her for a career working with children and vulnerable youth.

Agam’s story: Starting a new life in New Brunswick

When six-year-old Agam arrived in Sussex with his family from India, they were seeking a new and better life.

Gavin’s story: Be gone, summer slide! 

At Milltown Elementary School, students can enrol in a special camp at the school over the summer that focuses on helping them maintain literacy and numeracy over the two-month break. Gavin wasn’t able to attend the camp to help combat “summer slide” – regressing on academics during the summer break.

Adrienne’s story: ‘No one is hungry or sad’

Staff at Bee Me Kidz started noticing that extra snacks were being picked up at their Saturday program for families and from their childcare program too. Instead of confronting the children about it, the teachers began putting extra snacks in the kids’ bags and the kitchen staff would add extra servings to take-home meals and family snack bags.

Martin’s story: Hiding his anxiety

From all outward appearances, you’d never know that Martin was struggling. Well-spoken and clean cut, he showed up at Outflow on the recommendation of a friend.

Cynthia’s story: Rides that change lives

Without the services of Charlotte Dial A Ride, Cynthia would have lost her vision. Confronted with the vision loss, she needed a way to get to an eye specialist in Saint John for treatments.