change lives.

Hope and celebration marks our kickoff


Our 2023 campaign kickoff was a rousing success, with more than 400 supporters gathering at the Delta hotel in Saint John.

The mood was electric – it was a true celebration of community spirit and support.

A highlight of the lunch was hearing powerful testimonies from those that benefit from that generosity.

Like Jason Marr. With great courage, Jason took the stage to share his searing story of struggles with his mental health and fitting in at school.

“I have always struggled with my mental health pretty much my whole life. I was the kid who was crying in the back seat of my mom’s van on the way to school because my anxiety was so high,” he told the audience.

But then he found out about the Saint John Learning Exchange, and enrolled. It was a completely different experience than his high school – instead of hating himself and the classes, he flourished. And he connected with mental health support through the Teen Resource Centre.

Thanks to both United Way-funded partners, he discovered a new lease on life.

“My attitude toward life changed from night to day. I went from being mad at the world and wanting to do nothing in life, to looking forward…to the next day for once in my life,” he said.

“Although I’m not sure where life will take me, I feel confident I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to.”

It is stories like Jason’s that inspire us in the hard work of raising support for non-profits in our communities. In the coming year, we have set an ambitious goal of $1.8 million.

The campaign kickoff, with all the celebration and love that came with it, raised almost $40,000. What a start!

We can only reach the campaign goal through the generosity of our supporters – including individuals who give on their own or through workplace campaigns along with companies or other organizations who make pledges.

Every donation matters. To give today, go to our website or call us at (506) 658-1212.

Thank you!

Alexya Heelis
Executive Director
United Way Saint John Kings and Charlotte