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Foghorn Brewing believes in giving back

Giving back to the community has always been a part of the culture for Foghorn Brewing Company.

For co-founders Steve Russell and Andrew Estabrooks, giving back to the community was baked into the business plan.

When they heard about the Quarter Club, a collective of small businesses that pledge to give a combined $250,000 over five years to the United Way, it seemed like a perfect way to go.

It allowed them to give back to the community in a targeted way, harnessing the power of collective giving, with impacts that could be measured and with the reassurance of having United Way support and advice. They knew the support would be going exactly where it was needed most.

They knew of others in the hospitality industry in the region – including their friends at McGill’s and Pomodori – who were interested in the Quarter Club concept and joined them as founding members. They knew of frequent customers who believed in and supported the United Way.

“Knowing the good the United Way does and having friends and colleagues also committed to the cause made it an easy decision to commit our fundraising efforts to the Quarter Club and its goal,” Steve says.

Three years ago, Foghorn launched a special brew to celebrate International Women’s Day and women in the manufacturing and hospitality industries.

This month, in collaboration with women at craft breweries and cideries in the region, they released Sparkölsch, a limited-edition beer with a clean, crisp flavour and a true sparkle, owing to the food-grade sparkles in the brew.

Proceeds from sales went toward Foghorn’s annual commitment to the Quarter Club, which supports mental health programs and services that break the cycle of domestic violence.

More information on the Quarter Club and the impact it is having is available on the United Way website.