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Local Love for AREA 506 

At United Way, we are so grateful for our partnership with AREA 506.

In 2018, people behind AREA 506 were looking to give back to the community. They also needed volunteer power.

A perfect match was born – United Way provides and coordinates all the volunteers for the bar service and 100 per cent of the tips collected are donated to United Way.

We then re-invest those dollars through our social impact model to help ensure a strong network of social supports in our community.

To date, more than $57,000 has been raised for our community through this partnership.

“One of the pillars of AREA 506 is showcasing the best of New Brunswick, and local means a lot to us as well. It is about being involved in your community and giving back,” says Sarah Tippett, director of marketing and events for AREA 506.

“That’s why this partnership with the United Way is so important to us,” Sarah says.

The partnership is important to us too. That’s why we gave them our Valued Community Partner Award in 2022, presented to organizations that supported the United Way through an innovative partnership or sponsorship.

And this year, in addition to staffing the AREA 506 Festival from Aug. 4 to 6, our volunteers will be out in force for the new Boxcar Country Music Festival July 28 and 29. With another festival comes an opportunity for even more people to join us for this fun volunteering event.

We would love to have more people join the United Way Local Love team this summer!  You can find more info and sign up by visiting our website.

For us and our volunteers, who have given thousands of hours of their time selflessly to make this partnership a resounding success, it has been immeasurable fun.

“This was my second time volunteering for the United Way during Area 506. It was great to see so many people enjoying themselves, the bands and, as a bonus, a great cause,” says volunteer Andi Levesque.

Wearing our bright red Local Love shirts while working these events, it is also a fantastic opportunity for us to raise our visibility and awareness of what we do during these popular events. And the volunteers love it too.

“Volunteering for the United Way was a great opportunity to give back to the community I live in! I would recommend it to anyone,” says Kelli Lowe.

Adds Eden Sheffroth: “Fun for a good cause!”

So we offer a big thank you to AREA 506 and our volunteers for making this partnership a rousing success.