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Mohamed’s story: Chasing his dream in Canada

Mohamed Hassan Mohamed came to Canada – and Saint John – in 2019, eager to forge a new life for himself.

Originally from Somalia, he settled here intent on leveraging the business degree he earned years earlier at the University of Malaysia. More than anything, he wanted to become a Certified Professional Accountant, or CPA.

Mohamed, 33, deals with pain and mobility issues continuously. He has ankylosing spondylitis, an inflammatory disease that can cause some of the small bones in the spine to fuse.

Because of his mobility issues, Mohamed was able to get assistance in pursuing his goals through Ability New Brunswick, a United Way-funded partner.

Ability New Brunswick helped him navigate the search for a job and connected him to programs where he could learn common office software packages. Its transition planners were able to help Mohamed earn recognition here for his degree from Malaysia, clearing the way for him to study for the CPA, and helped him apply for studies at the CPA Atlantic School of Business.

Today, Mohamed is thriving in his new life in Saint John and looking forward to a brighter future.