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Aaron’s story: support amid childhood grief

Last summer, young Aaron experienced something none of us would want a child to suffer: the sudden and traumatic loss of the father figure in his life.

In the wake of this horrible loss, Aaron longed to get back to his friends and classmates at the United Way Summer Slide program offered through Blacks Harbour School. After three days away, he returned to the unique classroom program aimed at keeping children engaged in reading and math during the summer holidays. Mornings are dedicated to those subjects while afternoons are devoted to fun activities and Fridays feature field trips.

Once he was back, Aaron opened up to share how he was feeling with some of the students and the coordinators. He shared heart-warming stories and forged a connection with another student in the room his own age who had also recently experienced loss.

The impact of Summer Slide for Aaron was huge – knowing he had a supportive group of kids and adults that he could talk to while engaged in a supportive routine.

This program would not be possible without the compassionate support of United Way donors.