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Adam’s story: A path to healing

Feeling desperate and having suicidal thoughts, Adam found help through counselling.

Through an employee assistance program at work, he was able to get three sessions with a Family Plus therapist.

“I soon realized that these sessions wouldn’t be enough for me to work through the personal issues that were causing my distress, but I couldn’t afford to pay for additional therapy on my own,” he says.

Then Family Plus told him about a subsidy offered by the United Way that would enable work to continue with the same therapist.

“Thanks to that financial assistance, I was able to access the therapy I needed to work through my struggles and begin my recovery journey,” Adam says. “I can now say that I’m doing much better and am on a path towards healing.”

For more than 90 years, Family Plus has been a top not-for-profit mental health care provider in Saint John, offering professional counsellors who help assist people with a wide range of challenges.

The path to healing for Adam and so many others is possible thanks to supporters of the United Way. Your donations have a life-changing impact.