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Aiden’s story: From chaos to confidence

Aiden was only 15 years old when his life descended into chaos.

With a parent caught in the spiral of addition, they lost their home. With nowhere to live, Aiden drifted and missed a lot of school.

Through the Saint John Teen Resource Centre, he got involved in UYES! The Urban Youth Employment/Education Service helped him stabilize his life, coordinating with the school to help him catch up on his studies and create a schedule that made returning to the classroom a realistic goal.

He felt supported and confident, returning to a full school day with almost perfect attendance, and is participating in school activities and sports. Centre staff also helped Aiden see the benefit of therapy. He is now able to focus on improving things within his control and is less discouraged by the things outside of his control.

Today, he is flourishing and lives with his other parent. Thanks to the generous support of donors like you and United Way-funded partners like the Teen Resource Centre, youth like Aiden are able to turn their lives around.