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Alshaimaa’s story: A new life, a new path

As a new immigrant to Canada from Egypt, I wasn’t sure I would find a job in my field. There’s so much to learn when it comes to the language and culture of a new country.

When I first moved to Saint John, I felt that my English wasn’t good. I had trouble speaking about my feelings because we don’t learn how to express ourselves in this way in Egypt. At times, it was hard. 

In Egypt, I worked for the government as a civil planner and I was worried about what kind of job I could get here, even though I had experience and a master’s degree.

Thankfully, the Learning Exchange connected me with Develop Saint John and that introduction led to an internship there for me – the most exciting thing to happen to me since coming to Saint John. 

The Learning Exchange continues to help me set my education and career goals. I feel like I always have someone to turn to for advice and support at the organization. I am now planning to apply to the University of New Brunswick and pursue my PhD in engineering. 

I love working in my field. To have the opportunity to build my resume and apply my skills while learning about the culture of this country is a wonderful experience. 

I am so grateful to the Learning Exchange – where would I be today without the people there? But I am thankful, too, for the United Way and its support of the Learning Exchange. Together, they have made such a difference in my life.