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Annette’s story: A lifetime of unhappiness overcome

Annette always thought that counselling could help her overcome her persistent unhappiness.

But with a hectic life of raising children, working and looking after the family home, she never felt there was time for that.

But after her children grew up and left home and Annette retired, she had no more excuses.

A friend told her about Family Plus Life Solutions, a United Way-funded agency that provides professional mental health counselling, education and advocacy for individuals, couples, families and children in Greater Saint John. Then she met with her counsellor, Erin.

“I told Erin about my issues and the problems that were interfering in my life and we started working on them. I learned new ways to deal with things and it has had a wonderful impact on me,” Annette remembers.

“At my last session, Erin asked me how I was doing and I was able to say I was happy. Then I started to cry. I had never honestly been able to say that I was happy before and really mean it,” she says.

“It has been an emotional journey but has been well worth it for the calm, peaceful happiness I feel. ”

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