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Dawn’s story: Courage, and a life transformed

Dawn grew up in a life of poverty, quitting school by Grade 8. She fell into a life of addiction and found herself homeless on the streets of Fredericton.

Determined to turn her life around, she moved to Saint John and beat her addiction. She was determined to improve her education – and her life along with it.

She joined the Saint John Learning Exchange, a journey that lasted seven years as she devoured every program the centre offered.

On her path to a new life, she interned with the United Way for four months, helping us with administrative work and courageously sharing her story at United Way events and elsewhere as proof of the impact that the United Way and its funding partners, like the Learning Exchange, have.

Often with audiences, she would share how she was one credit shy of earning her GED. Math was the credit she needed, and she would joke she would conquer math “if it didn’t kill me first.”

She conquered it, and has her GED.

Two months ago, Dawn had a baby. Once the baby is a little older and sleeping through the night, she will return to work – with plans to go to college in the new year.

A life transformed, thanks to one woman’s courage and the support of generous United Way donors like you.