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Helping the seniors of Campobello Island 

When the pandemic descended on Campobello Island, the impact was much more profound than the mainland.

No restaurants remained open, grocery supplies were limited, as was the ferry service. The way off the island remained by land, but that meant crossing into the United States – even when that was possible, anxiety ran high.

For seniors, this amplified any challenges they already faced.

Amid the looming crisis, the non-profit Home Support Services in St. Stephen was able to launch a Meals on Wheels program for the island – a first. We were able to get it started because of the Emergency Community Response Fund.

Once this expansion was established through the emergency funding, most seniors were able to apply and receive the government subsidy to cover the cost of ongoing meals.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need, and now the program will live on for years to come for the seniors of Campobello Island.