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Jane’s story: A journey to hope

With her daughter struggling with homelessness and addiction, Jane took on responsibility for her two grandchildren.

But she faced tremendous challenges, including that her husband was withdrawn and offering little support. That left Jane to shoulder the responsibility alone.

Jane turned to the Sophia Recovery Centre, where she joined the CRAFT family support group in St. Stephen for six weeks. CRAFT teaches family members practical strategies to motivate change, including understanding a loved one’s triggers, positive communication strategies, and positive reinforcement for non-using behavior.

The transformation Jane experienced through this program was profound. She gained a deeper understanding of addiction and its impact on her daughter, opening up communication between them and helping to gently guide her daughter towards a path of recovery. Jane learned to set clear boundaries, an essential step for her own self-care.

Jane also developed skills to constructively respond to her daughter’s setbacks and hospitalizations, rather than being overwhelmed by them. This approach not only helped her daughter but also allowed Jane to maintain her well-being.

Jane learned the power of positivity, reframing her story to focus on the positives amidst the trials.

The culmination of this journey was a heartening one. After two serious hospitalizations, Jane’s daughter finally returned home to recover, surrounded by the love and support of her family.

This pivotal moment was a testament to Jane’s resilience and the transformative support she received from the Sophia Recovery Centre, marking a new chapter of hope and healing for her family.

And it was made possible thanks to your generous support.