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Jane’s story: From trauma to hope

After living the trauma of harassment and unfair treatment at her job, Jane decided to uproot herself and move to Saint John to build a new life.

As part of her new beginning, Jane enrolled in subsidized counselling at Family Plus, a United Way funded partner. She wanted to work through not only the turmoil of the harassment but early life events that also traumatized her.

Through counselling, she also ended up disclosing significant struggles with functioning day-to-day. She preferred isolation, and tended to neglect self-care. She felt overwhelmed and not in control with her own life.

With help from Family Plus, she experienced breakthrough gains like having the confidence to go to the grocery store and then took other significant steps to caring for – and believing in – herself.

Today, Jane is starting to live life no longer hobbled by fear and trauma but one of improved confidence and self-assurance. She has a job and feels like she is thinking differently – living life in the moment and with some joy.

This transformation is only possible thanks to the generosity of donors to the United Way. Thank you!