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Jennifer’s story: From crippling fear to a joyful confidence 

Before the Women’s Empowerment Network, Jennifer Nickerson was in a constant state of anxiety.

Her fear of failure and the unknown was crippling. She was afraid of interacting with strangers. Meeting new people terrified her.

Then she enrolled in the Healthy Self-Esteem program at the Women’s Empowerment Network, part of the Saint John Learning Exchange.

“I have learned so much about self-awareness, self-compassion, setting healthy boundaries, and my capacity for change in my day-to-day life,” Jennifer says.

“Discovering healthy coping tools and positive self-talk have helped me change my mindset and my reactions. I have already witnessed change in myself.”

She crocheted a basket that became a visual representation of the emotions she felt during the program, assigning a colour to each emotion so she could see her journey.

The bottom represents her old self, before the program, and the journey unfolds moving up the basket: From anxious, unsure and surprised in the first week to apprehensive, resolved and joy by the third week. And upward again to self-loving, enthusiastic and confident in week 5 and trusting, excited and proud by week 7.

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