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Jessica’s story: battling to turn her life around

From an early age, Jessica’s life was a never-ending rollercoaster.

In and out of foster care, she battled with addiction while her parents also struggled with the same. As she grew older, the relationships she had were toxic and marred by violence.

By the time she was 32, she had given up a son to a family member to care for and she found herself four months pregnant.

Then she found First Steps, which offers pregnant women or moms with young children a safe place to live.

Still battling addiction, she went into rehab for 30 days. Not long after, she gave birth to Camden, a healthy baby boy.

“My journey towards recovery was no walk in the park, let me tell you. But I didn’t give up,” Jessica says now.

“During my time at First Steps, I made incredible progress and showed an unwavering commitment to my personal growth. I reached a major milestone by earning my high school adult diploma from the Dr. Christine Davies Education Centre. It was my own proof that I can achieve anything when I put my mind to it.”

Through Second Steps, she has her own apartment with Camden. She’s been sober now for two years and has reunited with her first son.

“I’m grateful for the strength and support I’ve received from the amazing staff at First Steps,” she says. “Today, I can confidently say that I’ve turned my life around and created a brighter future for myself and my boys.”