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Jordan’s story: A boy’s first real Christmas

As a child who spent years in care, Jordan never experienced the joy of a traditional Christmas. At Halloween, he had never or dressed up to go trick or treating. So when Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John – a United Way-supported organization – matched Jordan with Sarah, she made sure things were different for him right away.

As his Big Sister, Sarah helped him to create his first Halloween costume and took him out to collect candy. It was a night to remember for both of them. She recalls how Jordan’s face lit up at each door as he said “Happy Halloween” or “trick or treat,” with so much excitement in his heart that he often forgot to get some goodies.

At Christmastime, Sarah and her family decided they were going to include her Little Brother in their traditions. She wanted Jordan to have the Christmas he never had. They sang Christmas carols, decorated a gingerbread house, baked sweets, toured the holiday lights in the area, picked out a tree and decorated it at her home.They shared a traditional family dinner with all the trimmings, opened gifts and enjoyed many holiday activities. Sarah gave Jordan the kind of Christmas every child deserves. She also gained a renewed appreciation for the holidays, which she realized she had taken for granted before.

The connection Jordan has with Sarah has helped him form relationships more easily with others and to interact with his peers with growing confidence. The days he spends with her are among his best. Jordan is one of many youth who have been paired with local volunteer mentors to inspire meaningful change in their lives –  thanks to the support of United Way donors.