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Mason’s story: From turmoil to success

Mason began Sistema during a turbulent time in the youngster’s life.

His family was moving around, sometimes even living in a hotel. Eventually, he moved in with his grandmother.

Mason is a high-energy boy who has trouble focusing, and the patience required to learn a musical instrument through the Sistema program proved a considerable challenge. Staff grappled with how to best help him.

With considerable mentoring from volunteers, classmates and his teacher, Mason was able to make it through the repertoire. When he returned for a new year at Sistema New Brunswick, an organization supported by our United Way and its donors, all the hard work had paid off.

Mason is now one of its most advanced players and is tackling increasingly challenging music with a newfound focus and determination to succeed.

Not only that, Mason has become a leader in the cello section of Sistema’s most advanced orchestra.

His skills are blossoming and when he plays, he is completely involved with the music and working to his full potential.