change lives.

More than kids benefit from Bee Me Kidz

Sarah, a staff member at Bee Me Kidz, is amazed at the transformation unfolding among the parents.

In past years, parents would find all sorts of excuses to drop their children and leave instead of staying for the parents program.

“Oh, here’s my cell number – I can’t stay.” Or, “I don’t do group settings.” Or, “I don’t want to be judged.”

Lately, Sarah has seen parents choosing to stay.

“Whatever the reason, they are attending now and present and that’s huge,” she says.

“Working in the parent group, I have seen parents work together to solve problems such as getting their children to bed at a decent time, finding agreement with their spouse or partner on parenting issues, and what to do when a child is being left out from birthday parties,” Sarah says.

She has also witnessed acts of kindness such as a parent comforting another and families bringing in winter coats that their children have outgrown so other families can use them.

Bee Me Kidz is a United Way-funded organization that transforms young people – and their parents.