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Sarah’s story: A frantic search for affordable housing

Sarah did not know where to turn. She needed to find a place to live, and she couldn’t afford what was available. That’s a stressful situation at the best of times – with COVID, it seemed more daunting.

Sarah needed to find subsidized housing, but had no idea where to start.

She had heard of 211, a new information service in New Brunswick. She dialed, hopeful that someone there could help.

The person that answered –  known as a community navigator – was patient and understanding. She took the time to understand what Sarah needed.

The navigator explained to Sarah how subsidized housing works and how to apply. She discussed supportive housing options for women and what that would entail.

Sarah took down all the information and said that she would contact the programs right away.

“Please call us again if you have any more questions or need help – with anything, anytime,” the navigator told Sarah as the call was wrapping up.

Before saying goodbye, the navigator reminded her that she could call 211 again if she had more questions, or if she needed more help – with anything, anytime.