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Stephanie’s story: From addiction to hope

Prior to counselling with Family Plus, Stephanie’s life was going downhill fast.

Gripped by addiction and haunted by abuse, she wasn’t sleeping or eating properly. She felt broken, physically and mentally.

Then she was introduced to therapy at Family Plus, a not-for-profit mental health service provider helping individuals, couples, children and families manage the challenges of today’s living conditions.

After nearly a year in therapy, she opened up about her drug addiction. The therapist referred her to Portage Atlantic, a drug addiction treatment rehabilitation centre for youth and young adults.

“I was nervous but willing to take the chance. I knew I needed help. I did a six-month program and am now over 200 days sober,” Stephanie says.

“I’m well mentally and physically. If it wasn’t for the deep work in counselling at Family Plus and their referral to Portage, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So thank you.”