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Suzie’s story: the only child

Suzie was six years old when she started with Bee Me Kidz in Saint John. An only child from a low-income family, she didn’t have many activities outside school – the financial cost was always a barrier to her parents.

They were delighted to find Bee Me Kidz, a United Way funded partner that offers a free and fun programs for kids.

“We were so excited to find a program in our local community that she could attend without financially harming our household. She was so excited to have something fun to look forward to every week!” her mother says.

Not only did it help with Suzie’s socializing skills, but she gained more knowledge and control over her emotions through the program. She loves her new friends and craft time, and her parents appreciate how the program helps them.

Bee Me Kidz offers a parent education component that enhances parents’ ability to support their children’s social and emotional needs at home as well as their own well-being. Staff provide wholesome meals for kids and their families during the program, and a monthly basket of fruits and vegetables for families.

A breakthrough for Suzie was learning to love cauliflower from the fruit and vegetable basket – until then she refused to eat any vegetables.

“I can’t express how much of an impact this truly has. This has been a struggle for years,” her mother says.

“I also want to express how important these boxes are. It has allowed us to eat healthier meals, including fresh vegetables, which is difficult to afford on a very low budget. Thank you so much for having this program be available to everyone!”