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Terri’s story: finding freedom through outreach

Terri knew that a degree was a path to a better life. But they also needed to work full-time to both live and pay for school.

Because of the twin burdens, Terri’s schooling began to slip – their marks started to spiral downward and they were forced to prioritize working to cover their bills.

Eventually, they felt like they had to choose between keeping a roof over their head or graduating.

Luckily, they found help through the Youth Outreach Program at Black Lives Matter New Brunswick, supported by United Way through the John Howard Society.

Because of that support, made possible through the generosity of donors to the United Way, Terri could focus on their school work rather than focusing on picking up as many hours they could at work.

Buoyed by that freedom, their marks have climbed up and their future looks a lot brighter.