change lives.

This is A.J.’s true story

I’m a mom. I love my kids. When we moved to Sussex we had to give up our family doctor that we all needed to see regularly. I didn’t know how to get a new doctor, that is, until Meghan came along. She is our Family Support Coordinator. I thought she’d just help me with a doctor, but she did a lot more than that. She told me about the Power Up! program in Sussex and got me in. Those 4 months changed my life. She also helped me meet with Income Support so now me and my kids are living in affordable housing with our new doctor (☺ smiley face!) close by, so no more travel or missed appointments. I couldn’t have done all that without Meghan. I now have new-found confidence in what I can do, and I’m now working to get my GED. My kids are so proud of me. There’s nothing stopping me now.

This is what CONFIDENCE looks like.

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