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Trish’s story: Finding a purpose

Walking into the Saint John Learning Exchange, Trish was scared. It wasn’t that she didn’t know a soul there, or that she was about to try something new.

“My fear,” she says, “was coming here and not finding the hope I’d lost.”

Trish had been unemployed for a long time, felt defeated and overrun by depression.

The Learning Exchange represented a chance to turn that around – perhaps. She enrolled in Workplace Essential Skills, a 12-week program that provides participants with the foundation they need to succeed in the workforce.

WESLinks allows participants to enhance their employability and gain practical work skills in a supportive environment.

“When I started, I had no idea what I was doing with my life,” Trish recalls.

“During WESLinks I started feeling better. Working with people of all ages from different backgrounds, we built a foundation of trust and friendship through projects,” she says.

After graduating from that program, she went on to WorkLinks at the Learning Exchange, a program that helps people build a plan and the skills necessary to not only get a job, but to keep that job.

“My coach gave me the support I needed to look for the right job for me. I was offered a training opportunity with the Learning Exchange itself. Most importantly, I enjoyed waking up every day and coming to work.”

After the training, she was hired as administrative assistant at the Learning Exchange.

“My outlook has changed so much,” she says. “Having a job I love is having a purpose.”

Thanks to the generosity of United Way donors, Trish and so many others can find their purpose. Donate today and foster hope.