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Urban Rural Rides

Urban Rural Rides | Making our community a better place by helping you get where you need to go!

What is Urban/Rural Rides? 

Urban/Rural Rides is a volunteer-Based community transportation program whose mission is to provide affordable and accessible transportation to community members with barriers so they can access essential services.

How does the transportation service work? 

After registering as a client, the community member who needs transportation connects with Urban/Rural Rides to set up a drive. A Drive Coordinator will coordinate this client with a volunteer driver who will go to their door, drive them to their destination and, subsequently, back to their pick-up destination.

What is the cost?
Fees are based on the distance travelled. Urban/Rural Rides can offer subsidized rates for qualifying individuals and families. Volunteer Drivers are reimbursed for their mileage.

How to become a volunteer driver
All drivers use their own vehicle, are trained, have on-going support, and receive mileage reimbursement. 

Volunteer Drivers are always needed. 

 To be a driver, you need to: 

 How to register?
You can register or become a volunteer driver by calling, sending an email, or visiting the website:

(506) 977-9433