change lives.

Impact Stories

Laura’s story: Building a brighter, more confident future

Before she discovered the Saint John Learning Exchange, Laura’s life was entirely dominated by caring for her children. But then she was able to secure childcare, freeing her to think about building a better future for herself and her family.

Alex’s story: Fleeing fear for a safe new home

For seven-year-old Alex, home was not a safe place. The family apartment was punctuated by a lot of fighting that would scare him and his brother. After moving to Second Stage Safe Haven in Saint John, a sense of peace and love began to take over.

Dorothy’s story: seeking help to recover at home

Free and confidential, 211 is an information and referral service that quickly connects people to critical human, social, community and government support.

Ezekiel’s story: Finding a new home in a new land

Last summer, Ezekiel and his family arrived in Sussex as eager newcomers ready to establish their roots – and home – in Canada. 

Grant’s story: Leapfrogging his learning 

As a youngster at Milltown Elementary School, Grant was able to take advantage of an after-school tutoring program the school was offering. It turned out to be a valuable boost to his education.

Mark’s story: From struggling to inspired to help

Mark was in his first year of university when the unexpected struck: he was injured in an accident.  While he saw a doctor for treatment, he did not realize how serious the impact of the accident and his injuries were.

Elizabeth’s story: Empowered to launch her own business

Elizabeth struggled to find clothes that fit her and were comfortable for her children with sensory processing challenges.

Terri’s story: finding freedom through outreach

Terri knew that a degree was a path to a better life. But they also needed to work full-time to both live and pay for school.

Amy’s story: Pregnant and alone

Amy was pregnant and alone, living in her car on the streets of Saint John.