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Jessica’s story: ‘My daughter is my hero’

The day Jessica’s 9-year-old daughter disclosed she had been sexually abused, they huddled together in the living room, hugging, crying and telling each other they were sorry.

It was the beginning of a frightening journey for the two of them as they navigated through investigations by police and social services, and as the girl feared seeing her abuser again.

Jessica decided the two of them should leave their community in Ontario and return to Saint John. In coming back, she discovered Family Plus Life Solutions, a United Way-funded partner. With the help of Family Plus, Jessica and her daughter were both able to get counselling.

With that, came healing and the support the girl needed to face her abuser in court. Together, they were able to move forward with strength.

“If it wasn’t for the United Way, we might not have gotten the help that we needed,” Jessica says now. “Life is wonderful now. My daughter is my hero.”

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