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2018 in The Rearview Mirror

Impact. “I am a single mother with two children who participate in the Summer Slide and after school programs at Blacks Harbour School. After my kids’ father died, I wouldn’t have had much of a chance to stay afloat let alone get ahead without these programs. While my kids are busy at these programs, I…


Build Your Dream Team!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. A little extreme, perhaps. Relevant to community organizations, unfortunately so. Everyone who works in the community sector does so because we care and want to make a difference. What separates good and great? Leadership. In our world, leadership comes in two flavours, staff and board. In…


It Takes A Village

Why CSR is Driving Millennial Attraction and Engagement

A Note From the Executive Director

At the United Way we have the luxury of working with so many great charities, companies, organizations, and people. We get to see the forest and the trees.

The Wonky Community Economy – a Conundrum Indeed

This is my first foray writing my own thoughts down for public consumption. Please be gentle.