change lives.

Devoted to the United Way 

Growing up in Saint John, Sheila Comeau-Oldfield always seemed to be in the orbit of the United Way.

Active in the Boys & Girls Club as a youth and then as a young employee, Sheila was familiar with the United Way.

And so, when she ended up being laid off from an accounts receivable job, she turned to the United Way to benefit from training programs it offered for those who were unemployed.

It was through an on-the-job training program that she first started working at the United Way doing administrative work. She was 24 years old.

She has never left.

Sheila, who is today the accounting manager for United Way Saint John Kings & Charlotte, has worked for us for more than 30 years. She loves coming to work knowing that what we do is building stronger futures for people.

“It is so cool to work every day and know that the work you do is so important. It’s pretty remarkable to be able to help people every day and to see the positive change that brings,” she says. “I love it.”

In 2017, she was off work for the year for treatment of leukemia. The outpouring of support she received from colleagues, volunteers and even donors was unforgettable.

“It was really sweet,” she says.

Since the onset of COVID, Sheila has largely worked at home as the battle with cancer weakened her immune system. She is full of praise for the understanding.

“The United Way cares about its employees – they care about me.”