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THE CHALLENGE: Domestic Violence

Saint John has the second highest rate of intimate partner violence in Atlantic Canada.

Domestic Violence can be cyclical. Children who grow up in domestic violence are more than 5x more likely to be abused or abusive as adults. But this does not have to be the way. There are programs that interrupt the cycle for good and these are the programs we invest in, on your behalf.

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THE CHALLENGE: Access to quality mental health programming

Like many services, you do not know what is available until you need help. As we become more aware of the importance of addressing mental health, we do not become more aware of how to get the help we need.  Mental health programs and services are delivered by the government, community based organizations, and the private sector with barriers like cost and wait time. 

By making counselling affordable and accessible, we can prevent small problems from becoming life altering and threatening.

Last year, your donation made it possible for

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