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Agam’s story: Starting a new life in New Brunswick

When six-year-old Agam arrived in Sussex with his family from India, they were seeking a new and better life.

But settling into a new land with a new language and different culture is daunting. The family faced challenges on several fronts, including getting Medicare, getting Agam registered for school and accessing other services they needed.

But with help from the Multicultural Association of Sussex (MAS), a United Way funded partner, Agam’s family successfully navigated these barriers and has truly started to thrive.

“We are new in Canada and MAS helped me a lot. I was very worried about school admission. MAS did very hard work for us,” ,” says Agam’s mother, Arashpreet. “All MAS persons are very kind with big hearts.”

And she says Agam has shone, especially during children’s activities organized by the association. MAS staff concur – describing Agam as “consistently the kindest, happiest, most pleasant kid in the room.”