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Karren’s story: Helping clients ease their anxieties

Karren McIntosh sees the anguish on her clients’ faces when they have to rely on a stranger to get to vital appointments.

As an employment counsellor, Karren knows how important it is for her clients to make those appointments. Without them, they lose out on jobs or training opportunities.

But because of the volunteers at Dial-A-Ride, that dismay vanishes. Karren says one client’s story highlights the importance of the service.

“They had crucial medical appointments scheduled in Saint John. This was a prerequisite for accessing additional services and assistance required for their education,” Karren explains.

“Without Dial-a-Ride, my client would have faced insurmountable challenges in attending these vital medical appointments. I explained they had anxiety about driving with an unfamiliar individual.”

Through Dial-A-Ride, a time was arranged to meet the driver and ask questions.

“This significantly reduced my client’s anxiety and apprehension,” says Karren.

Karren says the “tireless efforts” offered by Dial-A-Ride volunteers  “make a profound difference in the lives of our community members,” who often face barriers to employment because they don’t have access to transportation.

Dial-A-Ride has been providing residents of Charlotte County with dependable and safe transportation since 2005. The organization’s volunteers provide low-cost transportation that allows residents to attend doctor visits, shop for food, complete errands, and access education and employment opportunities.