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Laura’s story: Building a brighter, more confident future

Before she discovered the Saint John Learning Exchange, Laura’s life was entirely dominated by caring for her children.

But then she was able to secure childcare, freeing her to think about building a better future for herself and her family.

Her biggest goal was to earn her high school equivalency, the GED.

That’s when she turned to the Learning Exchange for its educational and women’s empowerment programs.

“Within nine months, I received 100 percent on my English reading exam. And I passed every other exam on my first try,” she says.

She enrolled in Workplace Essential Skills, a 12-week program that provides participants with the foundation they need to succeed in the workforce.

“I discovered I had leadership skills,” Laura says. “Next, I took the Power Up program, which empowered me through experiences like volunteering, developing collaboration skills, and learning to spread kindness and joy within my community.”

Graduating from Power Up led her to the Healthy Self-Esteem program to support her growing sense of self-confidence.

Today, she continues her studies with an eye to starting at New Brunswick Community College in the fall.

“I am being challenged,” she says, “And I am rising to these challenges.”