change lives.

This is X.A.’s true story

I came to Canada with my husband and two little boys in May 2016. I was so happy: clean air, education & healthcare so much better than where I came from. My husband was very mean; but this is what I grew up with. In August, my neighbors called the police. They heard me screaming. He had hit me over & over. He pounded my face into the wall many times. There was blood everywhere. I was so scared, alone; I didn’t know what to do. But then Second Stage gave me a safe place to live and counseling. I learned it wasn’t my fault. I set goals. I went to NBCC & graduated in 2017. I now have a full-time job so I can give my sons a good life. I have new friends and know where to go in Saint John when I need help. I am happy, safe & have a good life. I am so grateful for all the help I got at Second Stage, without them I could not have made it. I volunteer with a government group that helps other abused, immigrant women. I am taking driver’s education and hope to buy a car soon. Our lives are so happy now.

This is what SAFETY looks like.

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